I Want a Fair Baby, What Should I Do?

When are we going to grow out of these preferences? I think you will agree with me when I say that we as a nation are obsessed with fair skin. I always thought that this preference for the fairer skin tone was only restricted to marriage. Most people who start bride/groom-hunting always want a ‘fair …


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His first smile…

  The echoing of laughter of my little one reminds me of the morning of January 20th, 2015….. It was around 5:00 am. I was tired of feeding but my champ was not tired of sucking and playing and then again sucking like a vicious cycle. I so badly wanted to sleep but he was … Continue reading His first smile…

The changing fatherhood

  Gone are the times when raising a child was the responsibility of a mother only. It’s a new generation of fathers taking birth along with their babies, who love to flaunt their Dad status by taking good care of their babies. They are no more afraid to change diapers, clean poops, wake up at … Continue reading The changing fatherhood

Pink n Blue!!!

Is it just the hormones which makes boys act like boys and the girls act like girls , or is there something more adding to it… I guess it’s not just the nature but also the nurture responsible for the way the kids grow up. Social forces since ages have been pushing these two genders … Continue reading Pink n Blue!!!

Dress up in style

Last Sunday, I happened to visit a nearby mall. I saw a lady shopping in a dazzling party dress, and everybody staring at her with a weird look on their faces. To avoid the discomfort of of stares, dress according to the occasion. Shopping: Dress up in casuals such as a pair of jeans and … Continue reading Dress up in style

Be Happy Mumma-To-Be!

  Sometimes, many to-be-mums during or before pregnancy go through a lot of tension. To avoid this it is important to make yourself busy. — Take care of yourself, physically as well as emotionally. Take healthy diet with more proteins and less spices. Drink lots of water. A healthy pregnancy leads to less tensions. It … Continue reading Be Happy Mumma-To-Be!