Dress up in style

Last Sunday, I happened to visit a nearby mall. I saw a lady shopping in a dazzling party dress, and everybody staring at her with a weird look on their faces. To avoid the discomfort of of stares, dress according to the occasion. Shopping: Dress up in casuals such as a pair of jeans and … Continue reading Dress up in style

Be Happy Mumma-To-Be!

  Sometimes, many to-be-mums during or before pregnancy go through a lot of tension. To avoid this it is important to make yourself busy. — Take care of yourself, physically as well as emotionally. Take healthy diet with more proteins and less spices. Drink lots of water. A healthy pregnancy leads to less tensions. It … Continue reading Be Happy Mumma-To-Be!

Let’s celebrate

She took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart… Happy Teacher’s Day to my first teacher… my mum 🙂 And I guess she will be my last too. From the very first word, the very first step, the very first handshake.. a mother is the one who teaches us almost everything. She is … Continue reading Let’s celebrate