MILs can be Boons too

A famous saying among the Indian bahu’s that ‘Saas kabhi maa nahi ban sakti’. But is it so unrealistic for a mother in law to be a mum. I don’t think so. Important is to prove yourself a daughter first rather than just being a daughter in law. I do understand that it takes time … Continue reading MILs can be Boons too


This was supposed to be posted on 2nd June’15 but as my little one is keeping me on the toes so posting it now. My boy completes six months today. It’s reason for any mother to be excited and so am I. There is no Annaprasannam in our culture but wanted to make this day … Continue reading Excited!!!

Hi Frens!!!

Welcome to our world. The world of Motherhood. A feeling that can’t be described in words. Beyond imagination and beyond explanation. This feeling itself has forced me to share the moments I have lived through my days of motherhood and as the life continues new chapters will keep on adding to the excitement. Come on … Continue reading Hi Frens!!!